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27 March 2014 @ 07:35 pm
Just... a quick update on my life since last time I bothered logging in here

I'm still in university in Kristiansand, studying translation and intercultural communication.
I'm going to have to spend the next year in an English speaking country so I've chosen to go to York st.John university in England for the autumn semester and then do an internship with STP in Southampton after Christmas.

I absolutely love living on my own, and these past months have been some of the best and most relaxed and stress free months of my life. Getting away from having my family up in my face 24/7 has been really good for my mental health.

my 21st birthday is coming up this Monday. It's strange. I've had this journal since march 5th, 2009, and I'd been lurking around on LJ for months even before that. But when I signed up I was a month from turning 16... and now I'm getting all nostalgic.

Anyway I'm going out to get pizza with three of my classmates on Monday, then we're gonna go watch Captain America at the movies. It's gonna be nice.

not much else to say. I'd say it was because I've been so busy studying, but in truth it's because I've been sitting on my ass doing pretty much nothing.

PMS status: Sadistically relaxed
Song stuck in my head today: http://arlongasm.tumblr.com/post/79162624921/ladyzolstice-one-of-the-few-things-i-havent
15 August 2013 @ 11:09 am
Just.. putting it out there that I'm still up and kicking
and... a short update on my life since last time I posted xD

I got a job at gamestop
I came out as bisexual to my mom
I quit my job at gamestop
I went backpacking in Australia with my second cousin
I was left all alone backpacking in Australia by my second cousin
I turned 20
I spent several months backpacking alone in Australia
I came home from Australia
I went to Desucon
I moved to Kristiansand (further south in Norway)
I started University
Current Location: uni
PMS status: sadistically hungry
Song stuck in my head today: http://ullragg.tumblr.com/post/58231196497/the-dick-lord-levi-relenita
01 September 2012 @ 04:46 pm
Just a friendly reminder that I am not dead.

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26 June 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Hi guys, way WAY too long since I last posted an entry here, but as Desucon just came and went, I thought I might at least post a review of my second ever visual kei concert, so here goes:

When it was announced that they would be playing at Desucon, I had to frown for a bit, because I consider myself well educated within the different jrock and visual kei bands, yet I had never heard of them.

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25 March 2012 @ 10:30 pm
How long has it been since I last even opened an LJ tab?
I'm too afraid to even check
but I thought it was time I wrote a little life update again
a lot of stuff has actually been happening

let's see...
because there is so much, I'll just list it randomly, in random order
also, T thing likes it when I mention her...

I named my car Paprika. T think calls me a spoiled brat. I agree.

I bought a hamster, and named it Syphilis Unicorn. But I don't really stick to the name and call it everything that comes to my mind at the given time. So basically Syphilis Unicorn Phoenix Melena Canvas-Bag Pet-Rock. This amuses T thing. Syphilis likes dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.

Tári and Rin are still in Bergen and I miss them. But at least I've got T thing

I'm starting to really love my job. I'm now actually a qualified horseback instructor after taking a seminar a couple of weeks ago. People are still annoying, but I think I've got the hang of it by now. I get 130 NOK per hour, which is 15 more than I got at the amusement park last summer. But on the other hand, I don't work half as many hours, so meh. T thing lives pretty close to the amusement park.

Kim and I finished Full Metal Alchemist, our chosen project after One Piece. We're currently halfway through Soul Eater, but have kinda lost interest... I'm voting for Fairy Tail next, but right now I think Bakuman'll win. T thing wants to join us when we watch Bakuman.

As I'll be graduating high school this summer, I've had to seriously think about my future. After a lot of thought, I decided to try my hand at translation. There's a bachelor course on English Translation at a University in Kristiansand, so that'll be my first stop. T thing doesn't wanna be separated from me for three years, so she wants me to take the next stop first. A bachelor course, three years of Japanese in Oslo. T thing wants to take a class in Special Effects at a different school in Oslo, but it would be hella convenient if we could rent a place together, and it also just sounds.. nice. But taking English first is definitely the most rational thing to do, as there is actually a job in it, which I can do to fund the Japanese studies afterwards. So I got the idea that T thing could maybe take a bachelor in something in Kristiansand with me first... I'm not sure she's even given it a thought though.
but it'll have to wait a year, because:

My second cousin, Anna, whom I used to be joined at the hip with when I was younger, now wants to drag me off to Australia. Working and backpacking in Australia. I said no at first, but after a lot of discussing back and forth, we are now going there together in the beginning of January 2013. It's going to be pretty exciting, and I've wanted to go to Australia since I first learned where kangaroos come from.
Only one downside.
I'll get a tan D:
Also, T thing doesn't want me to leave her behind in this cold, cold country.

I've been drawing quite a lot lately, and recently started inking my sketches, which made it way easier to work with when they were scanned. You can see all my art-spam on deviantart http://madda13.deviantart.com
T thing is quite the inspiration when it comes to drawing.

Kim has been doing an Amnesia let's play, and for the past couple of weeks, T thing and I have joined him. It's quite hilarious, as he is running around, screaming and panicking, while T thing and I are trying to make him stop, and turn around, so we can get a good look at the monsters. We also do stuff like encourage him to jump down wells or take a swim in acid.
Yesterday we had fun making fanart of ourselves xD

Tarjei, my nephew, has started talking. It's creepy. T thing sympathizes with me.

I made a second Tumblr account, because I kept spamming my poor followers with too much One Piece. http://luffys-hind-legs.tumblr.com is my One Piece spam blog where I post and reblog what the heck I want without caring one bit about my followers... and apparently it's quite popular xD Gained like 7 followers in one day. T thing doesn't follow it though.

The other day I won a ticking fight with one hand tied behind my back. It was quite refreshing. T thing had already left though, so she didn't participate.

I now officially ship everything within the One Piece universe. This amuses T thing.

Cosplay is coming up, and this time i'm going to cosplay Kcalb, from http://blackadventurescomic.com
once again, it's an obscure character that no one has probably ever heard of, but I think it's going to be fun anyway. T thing'll probably go as a zombie again.

I can't really come up with anything more at this point
life is alright
I'm procrastinating a lot, and spending most of my time doing useless things, but I somehow make it work.
I'm sorry I'm never on LJ, and MSN anymore, but the more I try being productive and actually visiting my F-list, the longer I put it off. Now I don't even post my memes on LJ anymore, which really saddens me. It's all Deviantart and tumblr.
dunno really what to add to that
I forgot to give T thing back her head yesterday.
23 December 2011 @ 10:23 pm
And then came the day Siseja opened her laptop, went on the internet and realized she hadn't been on LJ, Deviantart, facebook or tumblr for THREE WEEKS
where did my life go?

anyway: update

Kim and I just finished our One Piece marathon yesterday and will be watching the episodes as they are aired from now on
feels like we've done something amazing
while we've actually just been sitting in front of a screen for Gackt-knows how many hours, grinning, smiling, laughing, cheering with joy, whimpering, whining, crying, complaining, crying, weeping, sobbing, and everything else the wonderful world of One Piece can make you do.

the ultra-awesome birthday party of me and T thing went alright xD I think about... 12 people came? but it felt like there were a maximum of 7 guests at a time, 'cause everyone kept coming and going, getting the time wrong or leaving early for other parties =w= but we had fun xD I was worried there wouldn't be enough food, so I went a bit psycho making HUGE rainbow gell-o cakes :3 but we ended up not even touching one of them and only half of the cake was devoured. so with loads of leftovers, I was pretty stuffed for a couple of days. We ended up watching three movies, because apparently all my RL friends believe I have the most awesome taste in movies xD So we watched Megamind, Treasure Planet and the Road to El Dorado.

My good friend Kim is a bit of a gamer, and as soon as Skyrim got out, he was playing it from day one xD He's been trying to get me to try it for a bit, as he thinks it's awesome, but I, knowing myself, refused, because I knew I would get so addicted I would not move from a computer for three days...
well, he didn't know that, so he, being the awesome being he is, bought it and gave it to me during the b-day party.
guess who's been playing pretty much non-stop the past week? =w=

I took the horse job
I tried it out and it was alright
kind of frustrating with people, but the horses are alright to work with, and I consider them my trusted colleagues ^^ So now I can start erasing my traumatizing memories as an amusement park worker, and enjoy my occupation as a horse... guide.. instructor... thing

It's kinda weird
I avoid the internet, procrastination for so many weeks
but as soon as I finally get back to LJ, and start writing about my life again, the words just start flowing.

but yeah
I should probably go to bed now. =w= Christmas eve tomorrow and I have to get up early for work! ^^ Yay!
(Yes, I am actually happy about working on Christmas eve. No one of you ever wanna see my mother around Christmas. She's frightening.)
05 December 2011 @ 01:35 pm
Okay, so I've pretty much completely stopped reading fanfics, I almost never update my LJ anymore, it's been a week since I last checked my f-list, I don't watch anime, I'm never on msn anymore either, I have completely given up on writing and I find myself growing less and less sadistic crazy every day

;___; I don't know who I am anymore

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25 November 2011 @ 08:58 am
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23 November 2011 @ 10:47 am
just... cleaning out some stuff of my memes-to-do folder ^^;;
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04 November 2011 @ 08:59 am
just because I haven't done a meme in way too long...

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03 November 2011 @ 08:49 pm

my latest cosplay

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03 November 2011 @ 05:13 pm
Here's just a little post, to reassure you all that I am not dead
I'm just pretending to be
20 October 2011 @ 08:43 pm
And so Siseja crawls out from under her rock once again, to share with the world the discoveries she has made in her deep, dark den of procrastination.

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06 October 2011 @ 07:29 am
Hello there F-list!
sorry I havent' really been the most active person in the world lately =w= and i probably won't exactly be in the nearest future either
but I thought I'd write this update on my life so I won't forget LJ completely xD
first: School's not going all to well. I hate using mac, I hate my Norwegian teacher, I strongly dislike my English teacher and I'm not doing all that well on the homework front =w=
something that was NOT foreseen and completely unexpected however: I'm good at math o_o The level of the Norwegian we're being taught is off the charts, but the math I already know from tenth grade xD oh fun...

other things:
I made T thing follow my tumblr, and through that she got addicted to Supernatural
poor girl =w= she isn't exactly used to being a fangirl and now she's watched 3 and a half seasons in a WEEK. I'm pretty sure she's gonna be completely done with all six seasons by the end of the week =w=
Kim and I have gotten into marathons xD First we had this intense Avatar the last Airbender marathon, and now it's One Piece... One piece of all things, with its 500-andsomething episodes xD but hey, we're at 100-something already, so that's good, right? :3 I'm having a hard time not spoiling every single detail, and I also really failed at some points... but it turns out it doesn't really matter, because he forgets right away and becomes surprised as soon as it's revealed in the series as we watch xD it's fun...
Mino is trying to teach me DuelMaster... it's way less complicated than Pokemon Cards, that's for sure xD and kinda fun...
Kathy is making a commercial in Media class and I'm gonna help her... by playing a chocolate-loving bear... fun :3
June and Renate are awesome to have as classmates, but except for them, and two others, I pretty much hate my class >_> they're a bunch of jerks >>

...ok that's all for now xD
26 September 2011 @ 09:58 am
aaaaaaand another one 8D

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26 September 2011 @ 08:33 am
So I noticed it's been a while since I did anything, and the list of memes to do have been piling up, so here's a short one, just to get the old gears spinning again xD

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12 September 2011 @ 09:39 pm
So my dad saw the Hizaki background on my cellphone
and asked me "Is this you?"

One would think being mistaken for a 30 year old asian dude'd make you a bit offended
to me that's a compliment
Ok I thought it might be time for another update on my life and maybe a short explanation of why I've been so absent this summer

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21 August 2011 @ 01:07 pm

Siseja just fell in love with music all over again